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Supeciaotour Educational
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 by Tala K
Virtual tours

The virtual tours were really amazing, I got to learn many new things about city's in Italy and got to see them live. I would love to see them in person and I would definitely revisit the tours again. I hope future students enjoy it as much as we did.

 by Anna Maggiore
Virtual tours

What an amazing opportunity! As teachers we strive to provide as authentic learning experiences as possible. The live tours are the next best thing to being in Italy. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides brought the tours to "life". We learned so many interesting facts about the sites and the surroundings; saw first hand tourists and spaces of the city and people going about their day, even a bride and groom at a site. There is truly much learning to extract from these live tours. Infinite thanks to Federica and the Superciao team. Bravissimi! Complimenti!

 by Dylan

The Italian tours were amazing. I definitely learned a lot more about Italy through these tours. The tours were clear, educational, and had amazing sights. I would do it again and hope that this is an opportunity future Italian students take.

 by Henry R
Virtual tour

The tours were amazing, the guides were open to questions, knew plenty about the area the regions they were touring for us, and were also able to comment on things not specifically on the tour if someone asked.

We were able to see structures, learn events, and find out about local history without the cost of traveling to all these cities.

over all great experience, would gladly do these virtual tours again!

 by Ryder
virtual tour

very informative

 by Nafisa
Great Tour

The tour was really interesting. I enjoyed seeing all the things that the virtual tours has to offer, and the history that was explained during was super engaging.

 by franchesca

the tour was a very exciting experience ,to be able to see the cities and at the end getting to ask questions , the persons voice was very clear

 by Heaven
Virtual Tours

Although I only went to 1 of the tours, the overall experience to see the city of Firenze was a blessing. Seeing all of the things that people in Firenze was cool and a lot of the paintings I saw looked very nice.

 by Tony
Virtual Tour

I was able to participate in a virtual tour due to my class being an Italian learning class. We joined the zoom call and the experience was overall enjoyable. We learned a lot from this so thank you for that and your quality.

 by Alex
Virtual tours

The tours were a very fun experience. I enjoyed it.

 by ryan
this is a review

it was really good and iterseting to learn about

 by Sylvia S.
Wonderful Tour!

My class used these tours to see different cities in Italy, and it was wonderful. The tour guides were very kind and showed many of the important areas of each city. Being able to see those places up close, and the everyday life was so interesting to see. Overall it was a great experience.

 by Luisa
Overall your experience

The tour experience given to me and my class was amazing we were able to see and engage with different cities of Italy from home. We were able to sightsee and learn about the culture and meaning behind every artwork and time that was done to build their most known architecture. The experience was great and the staffs and people that helped us along the way were great too!

 by Ollha K
Virtual Tours

During the last year I was a part of the class that used this website to travel all around Italy. It was educational and it was entertaining. The tour guides just like the tours were great. I would totally recommend this website to someone who would want to have a thorough preview before they have the ability to travel or as an alternative to it. If taken before the travel it is a great way to know the history of the places and know how they look like not just from the pictures.

 by valerie
Virtual tour

The Tours were fantastic! The tour instructors were kind and knowledgeable about the city, which they enthusiastically imparted. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

 by Richard
Lovely Tour!

This tour really was just wonderful. We got to see so many interesting things and it was nice just seeing how everyday life in Italy was like. It was incredibly educational and being able to find more about the history of Italy was informative.

 by Daniel
Fantastic tour

The tour was very informative and the tour guide was very nice and spoke clearly

 by Leonidas P

Thank you o much for the virtual tours! hopefully, I can go to all those places one day

 by Natalee
A great virtual tour

This tour was amazing with great quality.

 by Grace
amazing experience

This tour was such an amazing experience for me to see Italy live. I appreciate everyone and everything that has gone into this virtual tour and I really think this should be a tradition to do. I really enjoyed being able to see fancy buildings.

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