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Supeciaotour Educational
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 76 reviews
byKendi L onSupeciaotour Educational
Il Viaggio Virtuale

It was such an amazing tour with wonderful tour guides!! Very informative and overall I had a wonderful time. I'm glad to have had such an amazing experience like this!!

bycasey onSupeciaotour Educational
Supeciaotour Educational

i loved learning about Italy through this trip! It was something fun to experience and I'm glad I was able to do this every Friday

byGisella Pizzo onSupeciaotour Educational
Virtual tours

The tours were amazing! It was so nice to be able to experience what Italy is like. This was an unforgettable experience and we were so lucky to have it.

byMichelle onSupeciaotour Educational

it was fun seeing italy live.

byAjradha onSupeciaotour Educational
So much fun!

I absolutely loved this tour. I was able to learn so much and really experience what it was like to explore Italy. This was a special opportunity that I was able to experience as a student and I will never forget it!

bygeovanna onSupeciaotour Educational
virtual tour

i had so much fun while learning at the same time. it was something i would look forward to in class.

bymatt onSupeciaotour Educational
Virtual tour

very fun

byRayat onSupeciaotour Educational
Amazing Tour

As a virtual tour, this was a great experience. It was fun and i've learned alot.

byBen onSupeciaotour Educational
a good trip

i thought it was a fun thing to do every friday with my class it would have been better in person but all and all it was great

byannie onSupeciaotour Educational

it was fun learning about so much

byRosalia Scafidi-Iannone onSupeciaotour Educational
virtual tour of Italy

To say the least this virtual trip was amazing. Federica and the Studioarcobaleno and Super ciao tour team planned out everything to perfection. The tour leader and the tour guides were all very welcoming. My students were all very pleased with the opportunity of “going” to Italy. I look forward to being able to offer this virtual trip to my classes next year. Simply an amazing experience

byAurora onSupeciaotour Educational

These tours were amazing, I am grateful and glad to say I got to experience them. Everything was put together nicely and worked out smoothly. The areas were got to see were beautiful. Our tour guides were very sweet and welcoming! I definitely would recommend this program to others.

byAnisa Shahu onSupeciaotour Educational
Unique Experience

These tours exceeded my expectations! Being stuck indoors and having the ability to go through virtual visits made me feel as if I was actually in Italy. The guides provided us with facts and details about every city. It was an amazing experience that I would love to continue.

byEljana onSupeciaotour Educational
Amazing Tours

Wow, the virtual tours were so amazing, it was like being in Italy. The tour guides were really nice and answered all our questions. Overall, such an amazing experience!

byAgatina Scimone onSupeciaotour Educational
Great virtual tour!

This was an extraordinary experience! It was nicely organized and everyone was very knowledgeable and professional. the students were engaged and enjoyed it very much. Grazie mille per questa fantastica esperienza!!

byDaniil onSupeciaotour Educational

This has been an absolutely astonishing and a beautifully unique experience. The amount of exploration that we have experienced during the trips was nothing but wonderful. I would definitely love to experience something like this again because of all the memories I made throughout the experience.

byElisabetta Haversat onSupeciaotour Educational

This has been a fantastic, authentic, and informative experience for my students. They were highly engaged during all the visits. The itinerary is great, our meets were weekly, this allowed to stretch the lesson beyond the day of the tour, to explore vocabulary and grammar in the context of the culture of each city we visited.

byGloria R. onSupeciaotour Educational
Virtual Tour

I loved these virtual tours, they were so informative and we were able to see the beauty Italy has to offer through a screen without having to leave our house. Grazie for this amazing opportunity!

byJuliana onSupeciaotour Educational
Amazing Tour!

It was so fun to see all the big cities of Italy virtually! The tour was a unique experience and the tour guides were always so nice and helpful.

byFiza onSupeciaotour Educational
Tour experience

I wish I could give it thousand stars. This part of my life was the most unique one. I have never experienced something like this before. I am thankful to all those people who showed us Italy. This program was the best and I hope to expeirence more things like this. In short had an amazing experience.

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