Our didactic material “ITALIANO SENZA FRONTIERE” is organized and arranged for immediate use in Google Classroom.
To be able to use it you need a simple and very fast procedure by your technical department.

In order to send you the materials, IACE’s domain must be included in the white list of your school Gsuite.

Domain name:

Please find below the instructions for the technician, to speed up the procedure if necessary.

1 – Access to your Google Admin
2 – Access to “Additional Google Services”
3 – In the search box digit “Classroom”
4 – Select “Settings for Classroom”
5 – Click on “Class Services”
6 – Click on “Who can join classes in you domain”
7 – Select “Users in whitelisted domains”

8 – Back to previous screen and click on Whitelisted domains/CONFIGURE
9 – Click on “ADD NEW”
10 – Insert domain “

11 – For the section: “Wich classes can users in your domain join” check: “Classes in whitelisted domain” and follow the same procedure as above and insert ““.

We kindly ask you to notify you when the change has been made.

Once we have received your confirmation, we will email you a Google invitation and you will be able to see your ISF class in Classroom.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.